Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Here's a back to basics yet funky assemble for a casual campus day - tshirt & leggings, with a backpack and sandals!

The Pixel Nation by Black Milk Project, RM42 kinda dress you up with their simple yet cool pixelleted characters even if you are under-dressed yourself! 

But rest assured the white basic printed tee won't make you a plain jane once you slip on these funky galaxy psychedelic leggings from House of Leggings, RM28!

Accessorize with these colorful and pretty shawls for a change instead of necklaces! More designs where those came from cute animal prints to hipster mustache styles at Wardroberehab, RM20.

A black casual and easy to match pair of sandals, this pair comes with an ankle strap that I absolutely love (ankle straps elongates your legs, it's true!) from Cherry Junk RM100, including postage! Lastly, as Enirawardrobe's Handbags put it, "every stylista needs a backpack!" - indeed the wisest choice must-have for your everyday use for only RM65!

And lookie here! For an alternative on printed tees - these awesome shirts are hand painted by Kaken Design!

You can send in your special request for a custom design, and they even do shoes and caps!

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