Advertising and Advertorial

Hello! Thanks for your interest in advertising in Doodle Shopping! 
Do drop us a mail and we'll send you the full rate package and slot availability! 

Premium Slot (Below header banner)
300(width) x 200(height) pixels

 Slot A : above blogroll (right side bar)
270(width) x 100(height) pixels
*you can combine 2 boxes with 50% off for the 2nd box

Slot B : below enquiries chatbox (left side bar)
180(width) x 70(height) pixels

Terms & Conditions for parking your ads with us:
• rates are subject to change.
• no reservations. priority will be given to advertisers who make full payment first.
• no cancellation or refund will be entertained after payment is made.
• doodle shopping does not guarantee traffic or sales increase upon advertising in doodleshopping.
• blogshops will be given ONE review on any of the selected item by miss doodle upon advertising. after that, miss doodle is not anymore obligated to review or feature products of respective advertisers / paid adverts are not guaranteed to be reviewed.
• design of ads are provided by advertisers themselves according to given size. if your ad is found unsuitable, you will be asked to re-do.

inclusive of 1 month banner placement at slot Option A

• advertorial article will feature seller/ shop's info and items and ofcourse, doodles of your shop (advertorial is different from daily reviews as it will be more in-depth on your blogshop alone)

• sellers can provide info that they wish to be highlighted in the article, otherwise, miss doodle will just go randomly creative with whatever info she can make-do with

• you can view our advertorial portfolio here - *click*

*disclaimer: do note that miss doodle's write-ups might not be the conventional type of advertorials. doodleshopping serves as a random creative playground for missdoodle, and it's where she'd totally step out of the box called "the norm". therefore, trust your advertorials in her crapping writing style only if you're ok with her quirkiness, and the fact that she really prefers asking questions that has no connection with your blogshop or whatsoever :P

• full article on specific item on a tried-and-tested write-up
• miss doodle will be choose to decide if products are acceptable for testing/ review. so, if your product is rejected, please do not be offended - miss doodle can't churn out an honest write-up if she's not able to actually put it in good use :(
• sellers will be required to post the item to doodle shopping at their own cost
• you can view our product review portfolio here - *click*

do contact miss doodle at if there is any further enquiries. ^^