About Me

10 things that make miss doodle happy:
1. shopping (a very, very compulsive one)
2. bumming (professionally trained)
3. drawing (nop, can't live without my pen and pencils)
4. reading (i'm in much denial living in reality, i prefer to dwell in the imagination of my books)
5. sleeping (as much as i love eating)
6. playing with my babies! (i have 4 dogs at home)
7. moolahs and moxies (like when it goes *ka-ching ka-ching*)!
8. beaches!!! (the training ground for my bumming profession)
9. pretty beautiful things (i have good taste)
10. have i mentioned shopping already???

welcome to doodleshopping and taking time to read bout me!

doodleshopping does not exactly functions as a review site that features latest or new arrivals on a daily basis. miss doodle is more to mix and matching styles and ideas on whatever that catches her eyes. we do hope for blogshop owner's kind understanding that it's not possible for us to feature every single piece of their updates, as the drawing itself takes alot of effort and time. however, we'll try our best to feature as much pretty pieces as we could. :)

hope you had as much fun visiting doodleshopping as i have drawing them! ^^