Thursday, July 10, 2008

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to be included in our blogroll -

title : blogroll link
1. link doodleshopping (link button html code available at side bar)
2. blogshop name:
3. blogshop url:
4. category: (pls choose one from below)
*blogshops that have yet to link us will be ignored

- general blogshop
- vintage
- muslim chiqas
- accessories
- bags
- shoes
- for men / toddlers
- pre-loved
- beauty products
- arts & crafts
- korea ready stocks / pre-orders

miss doodle does all reviews for free, and will only doodle items that she feels like wearing on that day. do hope for your kind understanding that she is not obliged to doodle the items that you want her to, she believes she's quite grown up enough to decide on her own wardrobe. but she'd very much appreciate it if you could send in your updates though, who knows she might pick up a little one or two lovelies from your store :)

note: blogshops that have not update in 4 months will be deleted from blogroll to make space for new blogshops

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