Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bumble Polka Bee!

let's do some celeb fashion stalk today!

kelly osbourne and amber rose both in black and yellow polka dots! i especially love amber's puffy cocktail dress! such a bumble-bee inspired with the polkas, so totally summer 2010!

and so here's how miss doodle does the it:

the vintage look! i think the yellow and black most classic look is to go vintage. this dress just has such clean and perfect cut with a collar flap, and smoked waist for optimum fit. pull on a rattan hat for an instant polished look! and oh i LOVE the black bow on the hat! match it with a dainty black sling and high pumps! you'll want to keep your accessories in black, cus yellow is such a striking color, you wouldn't want it to clash with colors fight for its attention.

and then now, the casual-day-out look!

a fully smoked babydoll top at the upper chest to flaunt off some shoulder-neckline sexiness! match it with a basic black stir-up leggings and black maryjane shoe (no girls should be without a basic black stir-up leggings and black maryjanes!) lastly, a sling bag that looks like it has flower petals as a flap! (well, it looks like flower petals to me!). preettyyyyy!!!

and u know that song.... "it was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini....." ? here -

that's just vavavoom!!!! ......and no, we can't exclude little poochie either!

... because bumble bee in stripes are so boring!

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