Sunday, July 18, 2010

go vintage-cool!

the vintage-mama style is definitely hitting the scene with sprouting blogshops and retails all around selling vintage clothings, holding true to the cliche statement of "my grandma is cool".

well, miss doodle couldn't agree more. but here, let's take it up a notch in redifining 'cool'. so miss doodle's gonna 'dress up vintage cool', instead of just 'vintage is cool'. u get the drill?

here's a beautiful graceful vintage piece of brown sheer chiffon long top, with polka dots and buttons all the way down! wear it over a tube and denim shorts, and now if you tell me that won't 'cool' the vintage look up, i don't what does. grab a skinny belt in matching color and wear it at the hips, and that will definitely makes a slimmer waist trim.

accessorize with a touch of gold vintage classiness, check out the necklace here that even comes with faux pearls and buttons! bag it with a classic sling messenger bag, i particularly like this one for it's simplicity. and lastly, get some heights for your denim shorts on 'em brown wedge heels!

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