Wednesday, July 28, 2010

meet my friend, Miss Peep!

...and miss peep said, "now shoulders up, pouty lips, smokey eyes, chest out & suck in your tummy!!!" .... *CHIK CHAK!!!* goes the camera and big bright flash!

meet my friend, Miss Peep!

also known as Wei Ni. it's Weni Ni. (that's cus i always tot it's Wen Ni for some koo-koo reason that my eyes are playing tricks on me. did u tot it's Wen Ni too!? ....don't bluff!!!!!) :P

without further ado - let's get to know miss peep! wheeEeeee!!!!

10 things that make miss peep happy (in no apparent order)
1. my family
2. my 2 close friends
3. my BF
4. my little fat Susu (friend's cat)
5. yoga
6. shopping (of course!)
7. lying on the beach
8. watching funny shows
9. alcohol consumption? (hahaha! i'm sure that'll work for most people too)
10. eating la! i love to eat!

ya ya miss doodles loves eating too, but lying on the beach is tops! tee-hee!

Peep Boutique is probably one of the very few blogshops that's oozing with creativity and kick-ass photography, not to mention plus a model with super long legs! and i like miss peep cus she's quirky like this :

nahhhh... you tell me miss peep cool or notttttt!!???

what's even cooler is that you have a BFF aka the coolest photographer as your partner-in-crime!

miss doodle: why peep?
miss peep: tough question. i actually forgot how the name came about. but i can tell you basically how it started la. what i did was, i wrote down a LOOOONG list of words that i liked and tried to fit them together. you know, fun sweet things like Paradise Ash, Feather Hearts, Rose Wings etc. you get the idea right. :) Then somehow or another the word Peep just popped into my head, and then i started seeing all these things that i could do with the word and it as a logo. on paper. on web. and all kinda things, the name started to look more and more versatile and yet it was still fun and catchy. so there it stuck. nothing fancy. :)

miss doodle: do you have imaginary friends?
miss peep: right now, unfortunately no. :( But i remember back when i was in secondary school i created this French Gay guy character called Jean Pierre Gaston, and when he would appear i'd basically talk in retarded french accent. :)

miss doodle: are you a model? do ppl send you hatemails for your unbelievably loOoooog legs? do you have them insured? do you have a problem folding your legs when you sit cus they're soOooooo long? oh did i ask you already whether you're a model? *blink blink*

miss peep's enviable gorgeous loooooong legs (and hands)....

miss peep: nope, not a model at all. :) Hahahaha and so far, no hate mails yet! thank God! :) Nope legs are not insured. well, i won't say i have a problem folding my legs, but it does become quite a pain sitting in cramped spaces (too small cars without enough leg room!!!)

miss doodle: what's your favourite personal style?
miss peep: jeez. i don't really have any. but a few things that i will always like, florals, stripes, polka dots, bright colours, black and white. but on a daily basis, what you will see me in is just denim shorts and a shirt or tank top. :) not at all like the photos you see online! haha.

miss doodle: (my fav compulsory question) - what do you do when you have nothing to do?
miss peep: that's easy! again in no apparent order. :) reading, facebook! (yes, addict at work!), stalk review blogs to check out what new items are about, stalk my statcounter page (i like to look at the numbers go up!) :) and looking at nail polish and fashion and clothes. :) oh, and harass all my friends. :D

miss doodle: where is Peep gonna go in the future?
miss peep: well, right now we're looking into creating our own little accessories. my friend started knitting (sounds dull i know!) but so far she's created this totally adorable scarf with buttons and i love it! other than that, just the usual own boutique, with out label (yes we'd LOVE to design our own clothes but can't sew. :( ) and have a photography studio as well. that'd definitely be cool.

well, evidently Peep Boutique didn't need a photography studio to go down the cool road, cus they're already kicking-ass by kick-starting their first competition ever - the Malibu Barbie Competition worth up to RM150! here's Peep's latest Malibu Barbie Collection:

and so here's how you can dress up the barbie doll and win prizes!
1. create a look inspired out of the Malibu Barbie Collection
2. dig through the closet & create your own Barbie
3. take a photo of your look.
4. upload it on Peep's facebook page
5. get your friends to like the photo!

*head on over to Peep's Malibu Barbie Competition full entry for more info!

ok one last question!

miss doodle: what is the one question you'd ask Barbie if you ever meet her face to face?
miss peep's BFF : how does she feel about singularly bringing to the world Paris Hilton. And is she ashamed and will she defend herself?

wuUuuUuuu ........ *mysterious music plays at background...*

go on over and have a peep, will you?


  1. Hahahaha No worries about the Wen Ni thing. You're not the first person. ;)

  2. aaww....her TWO close friends. :)