Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Casual Crochet

out are the mindsets that think crochet style is reserved for grannies and hippies! well, even so if it is, haven't you heard that "my grandma's closet rocks my socks!" statement as of late!?

miss doodle thinks - crochet clothing and accessories are a sure-hit one-of-a-kind spot and eye catching! Coming in variety of styles ranging from tight knits to large floral prints, crochet are not all that common and you won't find many of them in retails - which makes them really special and unique!

this crochet dress is just oozing out with all the right vibes - pretty, cute, sexily casual! with it's vintage looking crochet chest area, it's flowing layered tier dress is simply pretty! little love prints organza and flowery lace in vintage pastel colors! how do you not fall in love with such a beautiful dress?
details on crochet dress

and now the resin shoes! i'm a big big fan of crocs cus it's uber comfy, they're like the only thing i'll wear on a shopping marathon. (in fact, my whole family is!), but these resin ballerina flats claim that they're softer than crocs! worth giving a shot for its pretty rounded bubbly design ey?

the crochet chanel bag is just quirkily creative doncha' think!? from counterfeit crochet, they have the whole worlwide exhibition going on and all the other designer bags in crochet!

lastly, crochet accessories! i love love love crochet accessories! why? cus here's how a skilled crafter makes it:

hand-crafted crochet accessories never looked any better! muntedkowhai's creations are paired with asymmetrical vintage buttons, chains, and even jewels. definitely spells out exclusivity that exudes elegance and grace!

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