Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Paperbag chic!

paperbag skirts has been all over designer collections if you noticed, but it wasn't until recently that it started to sip down to mainstream fashion.

on the runway: asos | fendi | giambattita valli

and for a good reason, really - because people thought that it's hard to wear and unflattering, but miss doodle thinks it's so not true!

given the right styling, you can be sure that paperbag skirts look are as practical on and off runways! especially for girls with boyish silhouette - it adds curve, interest and shape!

if you're afraid that it will enlarge your hips, choose a flared out one like this stripe paperbag skirt here. also, it adds in a hint of playful girliness with its puffy flare! choose to match it with a bodyfitting tank top to keep your upper body simple yet discreetly stylish, as it's essential to tuck in the top to balance off the pouffy look of the gathered waist. clinch up with a waist belt to define your waistline of a longer torso.

heels are absolutely compulsory as paperbag skirts could make you look shorter than you are, so slip on ankle-tied heels that will definitely elongate your height.

and i spotted the half-moon sling bag which is just totally adorable!

lastly, the perfect touch to top-up the look - a mini tophat! and i'm going pink on this one, an instant color drop that radically lifts up the whole black and white look!

i conclude that the dramatic nature of a paperbag skirt makes a great catwalk appeal - down your familiar streets! ready to flaunt 'em, girls?

more paperbag skirts:

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