Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Snapped! Je t'aime from Mizu Closet!

truly, je t'aime!

well, i really don't know where the hell i've been to not know about these really beautiful necklaces they have! and they're all down to their last piece!

check out the owl necklace with feathers! we've seen many owl accessories around, but nothing quite like this one here i can guarantee you, especially on the gorgeous feathers! i really have a thing with owl. i don't like sleeping at night, and i feel we (me and the owl), can really be best friends under the lonely moon. :P

so anyway, moving on... the little birdie with a love letter! so sweet! boyfriends ... here's the perfect gift for your girl!

the elephant reminds me of bangkok. and i love bangkok! each time i visit bangkok, i'll bag home many many colorful elephants! (you know, those really colorful elephant plushies?) i have a whole big bowl of them cus they're so pretty and colorful!

lastly, a mystical angel's wing with random charms which includes a coin! quirky! i like!

well, yea... so, i know this is not like fresh hot new arrival review, but hey, i just got out from the cave and spotted them, and i super love them!

grab 'em before they're sold out from mizu closet!

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