Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battle of The Favorites - My Favorite E-shop!

miss doodle is kick-startin' doodleshopping's first ever
Battle of the Favorites - My Favorite e-shop!

Phase I: The Nominations
1. send in your nominations in this format:
your name:
nominated e-shop + full URL:
reason for nomination (optional):
*shop owners are allowed to nominate their own shop, as only the top 5 e-shop with most nominations will make it to the voting poll.

2. miss doodle will pick the top 5 e-shop with most nominations

3. voting poll will be set up for readers to vote.

send in your nominations NOW to doodleshopping@gmail.com
(nomination closing date : 2 weeks from now / 12 Oct '10)

Phase II: The Votes
1. the top 5 e-shop to rally their groupie to vote vote vote!
(voting poll will be open from 13 Oct - 3 Nov / 3 weeks)

e-shop who tops the favorite list will win -
> 3 months ad space in doodleshopping
> 1 advertorial write-up
> e-shop will stay in doodleshopping's upcoming hall of fame column

so what you waiting for? send in your nominations now!

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