Monday, September 27, 2010

Snapped! Pretty pretty!

the peeps from do not stop! here they strike again with bucketloads of really cool accessories! unique double finger rings and really beautiful birdie-inspired necklaces!

there's 2 things i love bout books - the book itself, and the bookmark! newcomer Joops! makes really pretty ribbon bookmarks! i must say that i'm really in love with them 'cus they're just much more unique rather than the normal clip-ones and paper ones! they even have my fav charater, Domokun in a hand-stiched notebook! i love!

fancy some floral shower? here's some really pretty ones from Peu De Chose! Oozing with vintage classiness and i just love the pastel and peachy color combinations! they are all like so romantic!

amazing little handmade clips from Bow and Ribbon! like seriously, how do you come up with so many pretty and creative designs with just ribbons! from minnie mouse to cherries, head on over to their store for even more! if you'd just like to settle with plain ribbon ones, they have really pretty colors for you to choose as well!

a customized domokun couple keychains from One Love Cottage! blue for him and pink for her, with names sewn at the back! so sweet!

here's something you won't see all that much around! hand-sewn pillow briefcase from Safety Button Me. I love the pretty fabric that they used! And hand-warmers! i neeeeeeedddddddd handwarmers!

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