Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treasure Find of the Day : Dep's Accessories!

treasure find of the day : Dep's Accessories!

Dep's accessories just oozes with contemporary vintage classiness! way too beautiful to be kept just in the chest! let's get to know the keeper of the chest, Shen, shall we?

10 things that make you happy
1. my children
2. when my custimers are pleased with my products
3. shopping
4. fashion (vintage, edgy, latest)
5. shoes (5 inch heels)
6. banana fritters with ice-cream
7. retro & modern music (bruce sprinsteen, tom petty, simon & garfunkel, the beatles, john meyer, lucinda williams, the national, jewel, alicia keys)
8. travelling
9. a good laugh
10. a good sale

so here's where all the real treasure chests are! check out the stash!

miss doodle: why Dep?
Shen: Dep means Defining Pleasure. i want my customers to feel good about themselves wearing my accessories. I want them to feel sexy, confident, etc as tho... "it's not the top, it's not the dress, not the pants i'm wearing, it's definitely the accessories"... hence defining pleasure is created.

miss doodle: so how did Dep started?
Shen: owning a fashion boutique has always been my passion. i have been toying the idea of starting a boutique and one day just decided to start and get on with it, hence Dep was created. with an online blogshop, i believe that customers would be able to access to good fashion at their convenience with affordability. Dep strives to offer fashion lovers the simplicity of online shopping and providing you the easy and rewarding shopping experience.

how true! make a stop at Dep's and you'll see just how pretty the accessories are right at the comfort of your own home!

they have really nice bib necklaces too!

miss doodle: what's your fav personal style?
Shen: i love designs from betsy johnson for her whimsical and feminine designs, vera wang for her range of chunky and long necklaces with sleek gun metal finishes.

miss doodle: what do you do when you have nothing to do?
Shen: chill out with an ice cold margarita

miss doodle: truth or dare!
Shen: truth!
miss doodle: what is the most regretful accessory you've ever bought and worn on yourself before?
Shen: all accessories are nice in their own way. there's no right or wrong wearing one. that's my opinion.

miss doodle: what can we expect from Dep in the future?
Shen: i intend to design my own pieces and expanding into other elements of fashion such as clothes and shoes.

well, you can be rest assured that you'd be at the tip top with your accessories choice with Dep. they even have a tasteful fashion blog that keeps a mint update on all the fashion news and styles in hollywood - Dep's Fashion Rage!

they're having an update real soon too! make sure you don't miss it and grab them lovelies before they sell out!

head of over now and join my dig in their treasure chest, will you?
>> shop : Dep
>> fashion news : Dep's Fashion Rage

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