Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miss Doodle in the Smashing Pit Stop!

miss doodle dug into a smashing treasure chest!

treasure find of the day : Smashing Pit Stop!

and Miss Smashing says, because you are smashingly awesome, she will style you up with her selections of smashingly stylish clothes and bags at a smashingly affordable price! without further ado, let's make a pit stop at this Smashing Pit Stop now shall we?

10 things that make Miss Smashing happy:
1. friends, family and Smashing Pit Stop
2. Travelling to new places... i've got a bucket list to tick
3. saving the earth but not giving away paper bags and a lil this and that
4. a good book in hand specially theory and philosophy of art
5. the colour of orange... anything in orange ... like this:

6. driving fast but careful and not reckless
7. making anyone laugh for no apparent reason
8. fat and lazy cats
9. daydreaming because it's FREE, it's MINE and LIMITLESS
10. working... i am a self-confessed workaholic... and NOT recovering in the near future :O heck! you only live ONCE!

truly ... a smashing list from Miss Smashing!

miss doodle: tell me more on the construction of your Smashing Pit Stop!
Miss Smashing: it started out merely as a hobby and a place where i practiced my photoshop skill. i travel quite a fair bit and friends kept asking me to buy things for them. it is their advise that Smashing Pit Stop was established. firstly, it was just women's clothes, then it expanded and remains as a venue where people make a pit stop specifically for branded HANDBAGS. all handbags are bought from europe unless informed otherwise, and brought in by Smashing Pit Stop hopefully at reasonable and affordable prices. i solely own Smashing Pit Stop.

what's really awesome, is that Smashing Pit Stop even brings in H&M! i love H&M clothings and its just so sad you can't get here locally in malaysia! well, sweat no more 'cus now you can get them from Smashing Pit Stop right *here*!

miss doodle: the unsolved mystery between girls and handbags...
Miss Smashing: handbags are the melody and women are the symphony in an orchestra and when both find the chemistry, then the score becomes a phenomenon. a poetry in the making...
miss doodle: beautifully said!

in Smashing Pit Stop, you're sure to be pampered with high fashion branded handbags with a luxury spread of selection!

if you'd like to tone it down on your pocket, they have a wide choice of more affordable range as well!

miss doodle: i cannot imagine how many bags you personally own!
Miss Smashing: where shall i begin and would i ever stop?
*x-files music fades in and out in the background...*

miss doodle: do you have a pet?
Miss Smashing: i used to have like 21 cats... all well behaved in a bungalow that i had built for them at my backyard. but then, i continued my studies and have to let them go, it was the hardest thing i have ever done. so when i came back, i decided not to have any because i do not want to relive the memory. i just continued to torment the life of my neighbor's FAT cat :)

miss doodle: what do you do when you have nothing to do?
Miss Smashing: i cannot imagine not doing anything at all... even in my sleep, i think of the things i could be doing.

miss doodle: what can we expect from Smashing Pit Stop in the future?
Miss Smashing: Smashing Pit Stop works on impulse... no what IFs, no whatever FORs. the surprises in life are what makes Smashing Pit Stop unique. it's like what forest gump said in his movie, "my momma always said, like was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you gonna get."

well, i know what you're surely gonna get from the Smashing Pit Stop treasure chest - SMASHING BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS!!!!!!

hope on over an dig in their smashing stash will you? :D !

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