Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miss Doodle meets Anaabu!

meet my new friend, Anaabu!

10 things that make Ana happy.
1. cat and mammals who like to be human
2. i can't stay at one place for a long time. but when i get back to the place i've been before, that makes me happy.
3. enjoy watching my boyfriend playing with his instruments. enjoy singing and humming with his songs.
4. super happy after thrifting, especially if i got some rare items.
5. when i can wear something that says "it's me" and walk with confidence.
6. when new chapter of One Piece is out. Oh, i'm lovin' it.
7. money.money.money.
8. if i can wake up late on monday!
9. my boyfriend, his family, his life, everything!
10. family. they all make me happy.

and here's Ana saying "Hi!"

hello! my name is Ana :) i'm 22, right now working with consultant company (i'm not jobless anymore! :P) in kuala lumpur. my hometown is in kelantan and kuantan, Pahang. love cats, thrifting, mangas especially One Piece, korean series, unique songs, bike, my boyfriend and blogging.

fuahhh... ini budak Ana can do stunts! *envy cus miss doodle can't ride a bike for nuts*

i love sketching on whatever i can sketch and oh, i love miss doodle's drawings! :D

(awww...thanks Ana *blush*) .....

and oh, Ana has got a friend, he's a talking bulb.

Ana: i asked the talking bulb about me and it said, "you're too skinny and a weirdo" :D !

don't know bout you, but Ana gives this warm fuzzy feeling like, *warm fuzzy feeling!* keke! and she likes weird stuff, and i like weird stuff, so i like her! alot! (if there is any guy reading this, sorry to say she's taken!)

and so if you like doodle shopping, you've gotta like shopping with Anaabu by Ana!

miss doodle: what does Anaabu means?

Ana: Annabu is all about me :D ... Ana is my name and Abu is my father. i want it to represent me as my father's daughter. he is a really hardworking person. and has been doing business on clothing since i'm little.

miss doodle: you started with Vintage Packstocks, so what's with Anaabu?
Ana: Vintage Packstocks is the stepping stone to Anaabu. VP stated based on my love on thrifting, at the same time because of desperate need on money (i'm jobless after graduating) :P . while managing VP, i started to find me own liking on style and started digging for more. i begun planning on making changes on VP, in kicking start a business that represent me, and my style :)

... and you must agree with me, that Anaabu's collection just exudes with a strong sense of character and individualism. and it's really just one of the few blogshops around with exclusive one of a kind clothing rather than having the same pieces as whatever other people are selling.

miss doodle: how do you look so effortlessly mellow yet stylish in all the photos! so not fair!
Ana: oh did i? :D

miss doodle: what do you do when you have nothing to do?
Ana: 1. do nothing, 2. start to think, 3. think where can get money, 4. think how much money i can get in 5 years, 5. think where can get money again, 5. do nothing
miss doodle: *laughs her lung out* !!!!!

miss doodle: do you have a pet?
Ana: yes, i have a lot! they are Sandy, Aya, Jco, Gaga, Mitto and Puffy, and sugar gliders named Shugga and Shuggi and their newborn babies, unnamed.
miss doodle: oh ok, so u don't only own Anaabu, but a mini petting zoo in the making as well o_O !

miss doodle: whats your personal favorite style?
Ana: i love digging on street style. i love tucked-in, folding, overlapping, oversizing, face-print, structured yet not too crowded. and one more: not pricey!

miss doodle: what can we expect from Anaabu in the future?
Ana: i just started on brand new item (which is more on petite size). i'm planning to balance the petite and plus size later on. and ofcourse, to bring this name bigger and bigger with customer's satisfaction, i hope :)

and miss doodle hopes that you'll make more money more money more money more money so that you'll take in more more more pretty and stylish clothes!

hope on over and say hi to my new friend now, will you! ^_^

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