Friday, October 22, 2010

Snapped! Accessories Magic!

this has got to be the most happening flip flops! like, seriously! a bunch of bubbles with starfish charms and sea shells from Baby Be Dazzled! i'm telling you - you've gotta grab your bff along and get both of you a pair for just RM19! like, now now NOW!

headbands. can't get enough of 'em, can we? check out these brand new ones from Soak Republic. pretty cool, detailed with half a zip and all twirled up like a dainty rose bud. more edgy ones would be the brightly colored stretchy bands with studs. grab them!

another deliriously so-cute-can-die bracelet from Delirious! the bunnies and love charms are so beautiful they can really melt hearts, doncha' think?

chunky bangles are taking over like a storm, ey!? just slip one of them on and you're all zest up for a polished, accessorized look! check out more designs in-store at Poppet Charm!

or what about something more on the funky, playful side? these funky padlock inspired cuff bracelets with striking colors are just awesome! loving the pinkish red one with a heart shaped lock! check out for more designs in Dep Accessories!

...and while we're at it, lemmi show you the latest item added to my wishlist! -

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