Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snapped! Random Finds

Aly & Kate has the most beautiful diaries and planners i've ever seen! the vintage urban diary comes with free sticker labels and vintage photos, and you can even insert your own photo at the front! another lovely one is the alice in wonderland planner. loving the drawings, loving the shape, loving the brown pages! you've gotta click over to check them out!

i think everygirl should must have a yellow tote bag. i mean, what is the reason to NOT have a yellow tote bag? it brings such a chirpy happy touch to your outfit, it's like toting your own little sunshine around! here's one really pretty one from Caths Kidston, detailed with delicate floral cut-outs at just a steal pre-loved price - RM15! bag it home before it's gone!

faux fur dinner clutches - one word : posh! White Label Closet brings you these totally classy clutches that comes with a soft touch of fur and a metal wristlet. the best thing that i like bout them, is that they can almost go with any dresses for the night minus the headache of thinking what bag to match with what dress.

here's something we don't see around very often - a pores cleaning and blackhead removing stick! (or atleast, i have not seen it yet *jakun*... hehe) interesting! removing blackheads is a constant nightmare! the instructions provided by Green Paw Pup seems easy enough and dummy proof, and RM11 is quite a thrifty price to just try it out, ey girls?

eyes, eyes, eyes, it's all in the eyes! Missy Bubbu brings you complete eye kit that enables amateurs like you and me to go pro! and wow, that smokey eyes kit really has everything you'll need got that smoky, sexy look. and the big beautiful eyes kits has all you need to line, define and contour your eyes! what's even better, is that you save up to 40% off retail price! i love online shopping!

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