Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss Monday!

i have bitter, strange-behaving colleagues who can get offended if you come in all colorful on a blue monday. they say it's a mockery, rubbing salt to the wound, wearing colors on a blue monday. (puns intended. i still heart them. long time. tee-hee) ... so, miss doodle has since smartened up in kicking away monday blues looking nice, but non-color offensive!

go monochrome! check out this stylish bodycon dress in black with smart, striking swirls in white! i'd reckon that it has a very slimming effect with the white swirls - a most important factor when wearing a bodycon (cus it's body hugging).

here's more gorgeous black and white bodycon dress from blackmilkproject!

match it with an oversized tote with black quilted bottom and gold colored chain handle. i like quilted stuff, kinda just adds in a touch of sophistication somehow.

accessories with delirious's latest collection, chained necklace and bracelets. i think they're just classy, with stylish simplicity connecting just varieties of chains. lastly, heighten up with a 4-inches high pumps in dual tone. nice!

and of-course, if you don't have anti-color-on-a-blue-monday colleagues like mine, try out this pretty red-pink colored combination from them!

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