Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ballerina Chiq!

don't know bout you, but i personally believe all girls have this 'thing' about ballerinas! maybe its the way the move and swirl and dance ever so elegantly and gracefully like a swan! and while not all of us can dance like one, but we sure can dress like one! so im gonna steal that ballerina look today!

now how often do we find a nice black leotard with laced front trim! and to top it up, a matching skirt with black lace details. simply beautiful i'd say! and it gets better when i spotted this really unique, chunky neckpiece with a centerpiece 'diamond' twirled around with lushly detailed weaved chain. tote a one of a kind self-designed round bag with a fashion-icon lady print and you'll look just the fashionable! for the final touch - how can a ballerina do without the ballerina shoes! slip on this sizzling red hot one to add on a dash of 'zing' to your all black and english-y dress-up, and be ready to turn some heads!

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