Monday, December 6, 2010

Casual & Comfy with a pair of uber cool high-top sneakers!

one of those days to just hang out at the library! and here is a pretty jacket with heart shapes all over for the freezing aircon! my favorite is the red one, but if you don't feel so loud, opt for the darker colors like black and blue that looks just as good!

slip on a comfy inner spaghetti top on the inside. but do wear a nice one, unless you can 'sauna-fied' yourself underneath that jacket during the after-class mamak sessions! here's a simple yet pretty one:

pair your tops with a simple yet smart looking black shorts - a must-have necessity piece in every girl's closet. easily matches with any looks with a slip-and-go factor.

sling over a squarish vintage-ish bag. i love these mini-doctor-bags! what i love even more, are the super affordable prices of these mini-doctor-bags! tee-hee!

and now for my favorite favorite favorite PICK! check out the multi-laced up high-top sneakers! uber cool to the max! like, seriously - BOOMZ! (lol)! but ... yea... i love it!

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