Thursday, December 9, 2010

Classy Classic-ness

dress from not naked RM55 | cloth bracelet from glossy armor RM18 | quilted bag from my curly clozet RM45 | oxford pumps from RM180

a nicely cut, simple and sleek dress goes a long way in making a fashion statement! nothing too elaborated or over the top, yet elegant and classy! check this one out with really intelligently placed geometrical printings with a bustier-lookalike on chest, v-waisted 'belt' and side vertical figure defining lines for assured trimming effects! definitely a must-have!

keep your accessories simple cus you don't wanna drown your dress. how about these cloth bracelets with a feminine touch? i think they're pretty and unique! match it with these yet again chanel-inspired quilted chained bags. they're not new in the scene, but definitely became a staple buy for everyday-carry-around bag!

lastly, a pair of oxford pumps with elevated height to die for! (secret confession: i have a fetish for oxfords... shhhhh.....)

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