Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Laze!

don't know bout you, but i'm having a really lazy monday .. *yawn and stretch*.... and it's really one of those days that you just feel like pulling on whatever that you can from the cupboard! but ofcourse, pulling on whatever doesn't mean you have to be sluggish! get that comfy-watever look with this totally casual black and white striped long dress, the tube top does the perfect trick in giving a stylish look without you looking sloppy. give it some height and match it with a pair of wedge gladiators, and a dash of luxury with these totally a-must-show-off-sleeky black coach kristin leather satchel! lastly, add in some zings of red with a red hot skinny belt! looking good effortless on a lazy monday is that... effortless :D !!!!

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