Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Re-love the Pre-loveds!

i'm never really a fan for pre-loved items, but my believe have since changed after the many 'findings' on pre-loved blogshops! for one, you get to grab really beautiful pieces at just a fraction of price!

my own concern previously, was really just the actual condition on the items compared to the pics provided, but i guess sometimes it's not that hard to spot the quality and types of clothes the blogshop has to offer.

here's a few of my favorite picks!

from Candy's Preloved - a totally rawk-ass news print dress with union jack flags! they even have quite a similiar one in blue. instead of a typical fit for heels and clutch bag, why not add on a dash of daring creativity, and wear it for a casual day out with your fav' pair of sneakers and sling bag? the prints make it funky enough to pull of a casual day! both of it worn only once, going for just RM30!

they've got some real cool tops too! check out this ripped top in grey from Topshop, details of it is one-of-a-kind funky! bought at the price of RM200+, now selling at only RM80! also, the tasteful brown-gold MNG top with exquisite t-back design for only RM25!

or, let's go checkered-frenzy with I Have Got Nothing to Wear! owned by an established blogshop, Black Milk Project, i guess there is an assurance of the quality of service and on the items itself. all the checkered tops are going for just RM27 including pos ekpress delivery! (man, they can really pack their closet with checks!)

what about an authentic coach poppy tartan berry tote from Bumblebee Wardrobe for just RM610 (still negotiable), and the retail price is RM1000++ ! an impulse purchase still with tags attached yo! (sigh, girls are impulsive shoppers like that...!)

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