Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snapped! Sunday Feast!

new lovely findings in Lollypupu! check out these really pretty fabric ribbon tapes! definitely not something you see around often, and imagine how nice it'll be if you use it for card decoration, scrapbooking, or even to wrap a little gift! RM10 for 1, RM34 for 2, RM45 for 3.

get some personal touch into your necklaces with Glam Tags! they provide customized carved-out pendants with your name on it, or even one whole sentence of your choice! material is top-notch with genuine 925 sterling silver, even with choice of yellow or white gold plating! or, if its too plain for you, you can add in a dash of luxury with a czech crystal on your name! how can you not love Glam Tags! they're awesome!

coincidentally, i'm gonna be out of town tomorrow for a little trip north with my peeps for a wake-boarding adventure! *can't wait*! and this sunny-day-out bracelet fits in just the occasion of we have a nice little picnic in between! flowers, sunnies, flip-flops and rainbow! nice! get it from Delirious!

creativity overload! Nothing Doodle Cards has done it again in impressing the ass out of me with their totally out-of-the-box ideas! this time round, they're customizing punch cards with embossed tapes! if you're looking for really unique cards for your loved ones, i can guarantee these ones here will set a pretty high par!

little hooters! i've always liked them (if you don't already know from my previous posts)! get these owl rings for just RM11 / RM12 from MJ Accessories! real steal!

woah check out the details on this bracelet! imagine how luxuriously lust it will sit on your wrist! and i'm loving the mermaid charm! the color contrast of it is fantastic- crimson red with ocean clear baby blue glass beads. such a beauty! they even have a matching necklace in store, just as beautiful! head on over to Beetlebead now!

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