Monday, April 25, 2011

Snapped! Candy colored monday!

cuteness overload check out these little booties for babies! looks like a little animal paw, with details of a bunny bob tail or lil dino fins at the back! got a baby at home? gotta dress up the little toddler with these adorable booties from Mookids, by blackmilkproject!

that's not all. blackmilkproject's famous for their japanese sock-shoes too, and they've got some new designs in for kids! can't resist that little owlings pair! hop on over now to Mookids, by blackmilkproject!

i love lil daisies, especially this one here that sits daintily on your finger! looks really pretty with a white simple dress, doncha' think? best of all, it's only RM6! grab it now from Beauty Bubbly!

colors! happifying shots of colors! these furla candy bags are totally trippy and definitely a trendsetting style! grab them from Orange Little!

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