Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snapped! Nothing less than extraordinary!

how can you not fall in love with these harajuku-like japanese socks! and so what if there's this "where am i gonna wear it to?" or "what do i wear it with?" questions... just grab them first and think later! The Odd Loft's not gonna wait for your fickle fashion fixes - they're selling out fast!

these crowns (which is under the hair accessories category in the blog), are handmade, and tho i have not an idea how you actually put it on your head - it's another damn cool add-on. and whoever has the skill to actually hand-make these crowns, (such as Miss Ireen Handmade), has gotta be crazily talented.

knotted stringed bracelet! very vintage-ish with a twist! i love their creative handmades! as The Brollies say it - non jangerly-jang-jang or clankerty-clank-clank! haha!

Nothing Doodle Card's hand-drawn twisted humor - this is certainly not your conventional mother's day card! so wickedly funny! i'm getting this for my mum on mother's day, and i'll make sure my siblings see it! nyek nyek!

cuteness! colorful crocheted hanging little clothes with your personalized name on it! i think it makes a really cool pressie for the little ones! get one customized from Crochet is Fun!

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