Monday, May 9, 2011

Lil treasures from Beauty Bubbly!

The mailman came with a little package for me few days back, and i was thrilled!

It's my stash of lovely package from the kind owner of Beauty Bubbly!

It came in neatly packed in with bubble wrap, so the items arrived in good condition.

this is the pretty daisy ring i featured few days back, the details looked even better than the picture, and it fits my finger perfectly!

and she sent me a whole lot of other lovely items too! i love the beaded bracelet with weaved gold chain details, and the anya hindmarch inspired ribbon! matches perfectly with the daisy enamel ring, and a white pair of simple yet classic single beaded earring!

the owls! how can we leave out the owls! i love anything with owl! the pair of diamente earrings and a black mystical owl ring - NAIS!

the best of all, everything from Beauty Bubbly are totally affordable, and they have a policy of money back guarantee if items are non-authentic. how cool is that huh!?

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