Thursday, July 15, 2010

comfort + style

do you usually find yourself struggling to choose between the comfort or style? like, if u wanna be comfortable, that will mean sloppy, or if you choose style, it means discomfort. well, choose no longer cus u can get the best of both of 'em!

jumpsuits and rompers are a perfect solution! and these god-sent style are sure hitting the scene like hot-cake-mamas. check out this one here, which can worn either as a halter neck, or as a tube. the baby blue color is a really good touch of freshness, and it can even kinda pass as "denim-ish"! smoked waistline, providing great stretchability comfort, and the white embroidery details are just simply beautiful!

with the tube, flaunt off the fun and flirty halter-neck bra straps! it's detachable with various cute prints and design, choose one that suits your mood, or you can even wear a different one on each side! and for some much needed shade, the can-can straw with a bow is just too cute! add some happy colors with a colorful flower printed tote.

stand out with a final touch with these hand-tatted barefoot sling-toe crochet! i just so love the delicate details, and it really highlights your legs! wear it over a basic japanese flat sandals and i can guarantee you that it'll definitely be a fashionable head-turner!

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