Friday, July 16, 2010

cool and breezy!

it's killing me... ugh!!!! the weather today is so hot CAN DIE! so gonna i'm dress cool and breezy and imagine myself singing with the cooling spring breeze on a high mountain top laid with beds and bed and beds of flowers as far as the eye can see!

and so we're gonna go breezy greenish blue cus that's one of the most cooling color you can be in! and i've gotta wear a tube top! this baby blue one here with soft cotton material and a cute bow is just perfect! pair it with this bow shorts with little polka dots. the cutting of it looks real flattering. you can even wear it with your top tucked in to show off the tasteful bow.

and i love mini sling bags. this one here in greenish color definitely freshens the look up, complete with stitching details at the side. check out the sandals! with a big white blooming flower! simply beautiful with a definite touch of pure, innocent femininity!

add on a dash of vintage goodness with this englishy-rosey necklace! with a hint of pastel pink, it really lift up the whole look oh-so-beautiful! and lastly, my favorite - a pair of mini refreshing cola earstud like, omg so cute! and there you have it on countering this crazy hot sun with a cool breezy dress-up! i'm off to grab a can of coke!

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