Saturday, July 17, 2010

english elegance

fancy an english tea party on a beautiful saturday? miss doodle sure does!

what a beautiful demure long maxi dress with rose prints and frills. the deep plunging v-collar perfectly accentuates the neckline with a hint of sexiness. and nothing goes better with a delicately sequined clutch. classic english classiness!

like them? here's how you can shop with them with exclusive discounts!

here we bring you to you our new reader's privilege corner! all you have to do, is say "i'm a doodle shopper" while making your order, and you will be entitled these privileges:

at LaRobe // free postage on all items

pssttt... black milk project is having a massive big clearance! don't know bout you, but i'm heading over right now to grab some goodies before they're fed to the cows!

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