Sunday, July 25, 2010

do vintage - the red hot style!

i stalk flea markets and bazaars. particularly, specifically, for vintage wears! but there's only one problem i realised after awhile.

they were in brown, grey, white, pale yellow, old navy blue, brown, black, and oh did i mention brown?

depressing. =_= ...

so here's what miss doodle dug out - the red hot vintage style!

paint it red with this vintage inspired dress! it's one piece, but it looks so completely layered with an inner high neckline with buttons, a 3/4 sleeves outer with ditsy floral prints, and a skirt with pocket and pleats! all perfectly assembled for one of those days that you just couldn't bother to think wear what to match what!

and ofcors, you'll need red shoes! check out the super cute red pointed flats with little skulls printings! i like! add a dash of cinderella fairy tale with this vintage looking pumpkin carriage necklace! adorable!

now the bag. i'd reckon you match the whole red-hot look with a toned-down white bag, because *ahem* you wouldn't wanna end up looking like an angpow. and it's not even chinese new year yet. O_o .... balance is the key, girls...balance. but do be consistent with the vintage look, and i totally love this white one here. oOooOozing with vintage beauty in creamy white!

vintage bags are my one of the can't-keep-my-hands-away 'thang. soOOooo beautiful, like BEAUTIFUL ok! and it never fails to give me that warm, fuzzy grandma feeling! like when you look into old photographs and u see grandma looking so beautiful it melts your heart. *i love my granny* ... (ok let's not get side tracked here... see what vintage keeps does to me..?)

so back to my point - LoveBag LoveBag is one of the blogshop where you can totally splurge on bags that are vintage-inspired with a touch of contemporary feel!

love 'em all! and there's more in store! like, you can close both your eyes and just point at any of them and they'll still be screaming PREEEETTTYYYY!!!

and better yet, LoveBag LoveBag joined our reader's privilege corner! here's what they're offering to miss doodle's friend:

15% discount for purchase of RM50 and above (excluding postage fee). offer only valid till 31st August '10, so do head on over now and grab 'em lovelies! all you have to do is say "i'm a doodle shopper" when you make your order!

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