Friday, July 23, 2010

meet my friend, Paperdoll Sammy!

hellowyellow! now, be nice and say hi! *smiles* !!!!

meet my friend, Paperdoll Sammy!
(and yes, we met through our common friend. u know, that yellow squarish spongey thing that lives in a pineapple under the sea)

here's a little about my Paperdoll friend before we move on:

Paperdoll Sammy loves :
1. her darling shnookums
2. getting pampered
3. blogging
4. creating her own cartoon characters
5. food
6. cold drinks
7. pool
8. swimming
9. music
10. a good laugh
11. dressing up
12. shopping

i like her. yeap! i do. cus i like random ppl who have imaginary friends to hang out at the pool and play paper dolls with :P !

it's my first meet-my-friend session, so yes, im nervous *butterflies in stomach* ... what if she doesn't like me? *gasp*! i told her im just gonna be totally random (cus honestly, i damn fail when it comes to planning), and she said she's totally random as well, just make sure they're safe for kids to read. ok safe for kids to read, checked!

so now let's get random!

miss doodle: how's the birth of Sammy's paperdoll version of "Sammy"?
Sammy: i loved reading fashion blogs with outfit posts and decided that it would be fun to document my outfits too. however, no on in my family cared to help to take full-length photographs of me, so Paperdoll Sammy is born! I had a new found love for drawing cartoons using adobe photoshop then as well, so it was a very natural thing.

miss doodle: what is your own personal favorite style?
Sammy: my style is quirky and totally random! i don't have a particular favorite style, but vintage is my weakness. Oh, and i love basic outfits with crazy, colorful, eye-catching accessories! :D

In Paperdoll Sammy, you don't have to think what to match the pieces with 'cus Sammy has got it all firgured out!

miss doodle: complete this sentence - i'm most inspired when i'm ....
Sammy: ... looking at local online shops as well as fashion magazines. fashion sites by magazines especially Lucky (from USA: inspires me the most!

miss doodle: what do you do when you have nothing to do? (that's mua's favourite question cus i like doing nothing keke)
Sammy: i sleep. i surf the internet. i shop (online and/or offline). i harass my boyfriend. i draw paperdolls. i stare at my clothes in the closet. not necessarily in that order, hah!

miss doodle: where are you taking Paperdoll Sammy in the future?
Sammy: Paperdoll Sammy is going to conquer the world; one paperdoll at a time!

*cough* ... Nah, i'm happy at where i am at the moment. i love the fact that my online shop is a small, personal one where i can relate to my customers better. it would be great to have an offline shop, but it really depends; too many factors involved!

miss doodle: why are you Sammy the pink panda? like this -

Sammy: ...because i have this huge obsession for (teddy) bears since young, and panda bears are such cuties! i'm pink because i think pandas deserve some color splash!

miss doodle: so... any chance Sammy Paperdoll gonna have pink hair?
Sammy: unlikely, unfortunately. Sammy has strict rules for her hair because it is super dry and thick, so dyeing it will be suicide. but i don't mind pink extensions!

but *ahem* ...unfortunately ... i kidnapped one of your paperdoll, and dyed her pink!

Ransom demand : offer doodle shopping readers some privilege!..GrRrrr

Sammy: *panic*! here it is!!!

Readers from shopping doodles will get FREE postage if they purchase items worth RM50 and above! just write in "PAPERDOODLED" in the order form and you get your free postage! *valid till 31 august 2010, 11.59pm!

miss doodle: okie. fair enough. pink hair doll can return to her paperdoll land.

*both shakes hand and emo emo love hugs*

i'm so good in making friends. *smiles*

meet her, will you?



  2. Most welcomed Sammy! Pleasure's all mine! keke! Spongies unite! *i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready..!!!*