Monday, July 12, 2010

formal is so boring?

there was a really loud sigh from across my office, and i heard a draggy lament that goes, "everyday gotta wear formal , formal formal! soOooo boringgggg-lahhhhh!" i beg to differ. there is no such thing as boring fashion! here's a walking example on how you can even wear formal - looking cool! a star-studded *almost* sleeveless shirt to work, and flaunt those bling blings right off your shoulder! the best part is that it has structured sewings, and i love structured shirts 'cus it's really flattering to your body shape! kinda puts those body line attention in at the right place. and with all the straight lines at the top, the bubble skirt is just great to balance it off. i super love it's design, like little petals surrounding the waist area, they look like a lotus! and ofcors, the heels. loving that black and white combi! then grab some matching black and white bracelets to accessorize. and with every thing in monochrome colors, whip out your spanking red bag for some attention screaming! here's a red structured quilted one to match your structured shirt! lastly, a matching long necklace in red. it has a real heart on the pendant, as in organ heart! quirky!

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