Sunday, July 11, 2010

a pretty outfit a day, keeps the monday blues away!

monday, oh monday blues... don't we all dread monday ey girls!? well, you know what helps me beat monday blues? pretty clothes! so rule #1 : a pretty outfit a day, keeps the blues away! miss doodles won't be having those blues as long as she's looking pretty! today, miss doodle decides to go immaculate white with a dash of fresh green! loving this comfy cotton blouse with quirky structures that surely helps to cure the monday blues crankiness, u can even wear it pulled out for even more comfy preference. get a hint of black contrast with a long victorian necklace. and then, grab a shiny glossy white bag to polish up your look, and a matching white elevated heels that you will definitely need to elongate your legs for the bandage skirt. and oh, talking about bandage skirt! i know it has been around for quite some time, but i just totally love this apple green color 'cus it's so refreshing when you pair it with pure white! mondays gotta be fresh like that!

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