Wednesday, July 7, 2010

quirky gypsy

did i tell ya? that my friends usually say im a weirdo? i get asked alot, "why do you have to be so weird?" ... well, i looked them straight into the eye and say, ".....becus being normal, is boring." so i like being quirky. see that ethnic stocking!?!? it's outta-this-world quirkiness!!! the prints are too hard to match it with anything, u concern? not at all! pair with a plain long top or dress like the tier dress, so that it balances out the prints and draws all the attention to your stockings! the plaited headband, just perfect for a dash of gypsiness! And oh the vintage locket watch - totally completes the look. what quirky gypsies lack vintage pieces from grandmama's precious stash from the treasure trunk?

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