Thursday, July 8, 2010

sun, sea & sand!

it's summer! and..!!! the sea breeze, the golden sand, laying there under the sun, and...*ahemahem*... beach hunks *drools*!!! (ok, lets not sidetrack)... So, anyhoo, here's miss doodle dressing up for beach-day-out in polka dots bikini, with a matching pink polka umbrella for some much needed shade! The roxy beach wedged slip-on is just divinely flattering, as it gives you height for elongated legs in bikinis! And check out that summer rattan-handle canvas tote! It comes with beach motives with beaches, coconut trees and fishes! Definitely a necessity for you to stash in your suntan lotion, sunnies, a chic-lit paperback book and camera! Lastly, complete your look with a dash of sunshine with a yellow headband or scarf, and you're allllll sunnily set!

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