Monday, July 26, 2010

little red riding hood

little cousin macy, was reading bout the big bad wolf, and she asked me why is miss little red riding hood always wear the same thing. so she asked me to draw for her... (i draw alot for her and compile it into a coloring book!)

am in love with this red and white stripe dress, so tim burton! totally comfy to just pull it over even with a pair of sandals! but for now, i'm gonna match it with this totally kick-ass strap boots! check out the buckles all the way from top to toe and the cute kitten heels! the dainty little shiny coach wristlet is just the way to go, small but totally eye-catching! add a dash of funkiness contrast with this cool block watch in full red! little macy said red riding hood needs a watch so she wouldn't be late always going back and forth the forest.

where's the red hood u asked? little macy said hood is just so yesterday and she doesn't like it cus she can't see her hair.

and the verdict is out - little macy is very happy with little red riding hood's new look! think that it kinda looks weird? remember my fav' line? it's boring to be normal. :P

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