Monday, July 26, 2010

zappy electric blue!

why electric blue? cus it's electrifying! style check: this electrifying shade fits in perfectly with the current obsession with all things 80's and vintage, with an advantage for those who are not as adventurous in too striking neon shades.

the tunic serves just great for a casual day or even on an evening date! the zipper swirls looks fantastically ensemble, i reckon that with the right chunk of design element placed on a dress can greatly flatters your figure, because it draws the attention to all the right places. the best part is, the dress is so stretchable it fits plus sized gals fabulously!

opt a fendi neon blue clutch bag with a hint of brighter color, because your bags have to scream, remember? it's fendi! like - LOOK AT MY BAG YO! keke. funkily classy!

and remember to accessorize! the dress is quite simple, so you can afford chunkier bracelets like this one here! little matching swirls with your dress!

lastly, shoes shoes shoes! if this suede platform stiletto ankle booties don't make you droll all over, you gotta get yourself checked up! sexy killer heels is very flattering to your figure in whole (tho walking in them for long hours is an entire different story), but most important, gives you an instant supermodel lift up!

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