Tuesday, July 13, 2010

nu-rave : playground funky!

dressing it up to our childhood days don't necessary means we have to be all candy pink and wear ribbons on our head. how bout the alternative in Nu Rave style, ey? no idea what's Nu Rave? simply another street culture where disco punks meet electro rock, giving birth to the flamboyant fashion in happy, superstar style and bright flourescent colors!

an oversized yellow striped asymmetric batwing top is just way cool - striking in both colors and cutting! i personally love oversized top 'cus it's uber comfy (and hides my love handles =S )! match it with a pair of net stockings to show off some sexy flesh! then its time to ditch those heels and try on some boyfriend's shoe! nike's dunk collection in uppercut with neon pink heel straps and sole with a yellow "just do it" trademark. i dare y0u?

now the toys! playground funky gotta have toys! go back to school with a school bag sling with this printed robot! robot no enough? grab some of the badge pin ons and add him more robot friends! plus, another matching robot necklace. happy family! and check out that nooka watch! in collaboration with undrcrwn, and we have a fun and colorful striped band with a black display. looks like a robot control center to me! oh u see those lips? buttery, softened orange - like creamsicle, yum!

to polish up the superstar nu rave look, you gotta have these superstar add-ons. shiny bling bling stars ring for your fingers, and neon pink spiral pin-on hairclips!

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