Tuesday, July 13, 2010

day out with my poochi!

hello! meet poochi, my furball, and we're going for a walk in the park! we both love the evening breeze!

check out the beautiful long drape top! oh how so graceful when the wind blows, and the colour is so bright and happy-fying! pair it with a plain basic cotton legging that will guarantee you a nice stroll in comfortville, i choose white cus i wanted my cheerful top to stand out. (choosing darker colors will drown the top). and the gladiator sandals are way cool with versatile buckle details that also allow you to adjust the tightness of the shoes. not to forget, a stylish mini sling bag! you'll definitely be needing a mini sling one, cus you would't want a big one that weighs you down while you walk, or a hand-held bag with the a doggie on the other hand.

lastly! poochi's dress-up! gotta cloth the furball before going out right!?

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