Thursday, July 22, 2010

playful formal!

there's this serious sara in my workplace, who wears only black formal shirt, black formal a-line skirt, black formal handbag, and black formal 2" pumps, cus according to her, formal has got to be so serious, she can't do colors.

that's gotta be some serious formal curse. *gasp*... now says who formal has gotta be serious!? let miss doodles inject some colors into your formal world!

well, conservatively saying, there is a certain truth that black brings about "serious" formalness, but the trick to injecting colors, is to not overdo it! the safest way to go colorful without being a pain-in-the-eye-colorful at your office place, is to go pastel!

slip on this loose fitting tunic top in fresh apple green! comfy, and an instant freshening dash of color! the front bow serves perfectly as a formal sash with a hint of playfulness! pair with a pastel fitting pencil skirt, which is important to draw back the hourglass shape below your loose tunic top. the uniqueness of this skirt, is actually at the back. check out the layered frills with a bow at the top back! if you wanna show it off, just wear your top tucked in!

you have gotta bring in some freshness of life to counter the black-formal-curse, so slip on this beautiful necklace with a cabochon flower! just look at the flower, it's just so delicately crafted! the little brass butterfly will look just like it sits at your neckline cus you'll look so chirpy!

now the shoes, keep it sleek and simple. so i'll go for a white christian louboutin! again, sleek and simple don't mean plain, just like this 3-buckled pumps! one-of-a-kind!

and the bag - same rules! sleek and simple - and i'm going for kate spade in striking pink and matching bow to bring about some contrast for my pastel clothing. i personally love kate spade cus of its impeccable yet classy simplicity. not too mention, their dashing colors are always an attention getter!

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