Thursday, July 22, 2010

what to wear to class?

one of those days that u just feel like dressing down? miss doodle got it covered!

go monochromatic classic with this 80's checkered dress. very structured lined-patterned and cutting, looks really comfy with a down-to-earth feel (it comes with a black belt sash too!). layer a basic black cardigan over (no girls should be without a basic black cardi) - this is my favorite trick to slim down 5kg instantly :P !

wanna shed off another 5kg? (keke) ... wear a skinny belt over your hips! it redefines your waistline with a really good trimming effect!

and incase you don't already know, i like bags that shouts LOOK AT MY BAG YO! keke. so i'm totally slinging over this hot chili red messenger bag like spicy h.a.w.t !!

lecturers and annoying course mate getting on your nerves? keep your mood temperature at bay with this super cool necklace with a red pendant that reads, "keep calm and carry on"! who knows? you might help a few souls to maintain their peaceful chi ... *uhmmmmm* ....

lastly! wedges! pretty, gives you height, and comfy enough to walk around the lecture halls without hurting your feet!

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