Friday, July 23, 2010

Skranchiez Craze!

you know what? miss doodle loves accessorizing. and she realized the doodles just do not do enough justice to all the mini but fantabulous add-on pieces. so miss doodle woke up with an idea bulb blinking in a dream bubble this morning - to start on miss doodle's little findings!

and here, miss doodle brings to you Skranchiez!

i confess i am a handmade junkie. and i have no control over myself or whatsoever when you have cool + funky + pretty handmade stuff laid infront of my eyes (although they serves me no purpose), so yes, that makes me a obsessive compulsiv rubbish treasure collector where my storeroom is in the verge of bursting out. in Skranchiez case, i have very short hair, u see, so it will be of a totally no use to me. but i would reallllyyyy consider grabbing them cus they're too damn cool. just because. :P!

whatever style or design you want, they've got it covered!

definitely not something you can get in stores! and what can be cooler than a earth-loving environment supporting scrunchie designer wannabe! all materials used are leftovers scrap cloths, materials bought from tailors shops.

no matter what u wanna wear, i'm sure there's just the right scrunchie to match it! so let's go ethnic!

and look at these flowery ones! oozing with uniqueness!

and so here's where we chant ... "scrunchies no enuf...scrunchies no enuf...scrunchies no enuf.....hummmmm...hummm"... =P

seriusly, there isn't any personality you can't find to match, and you can bet there's more to come! here's one last time miss doodle goes in the fiiting room:

see? effortlessly matches with whatever you pull on! boy i wish i have long hair for scrunchies now! head on over to Skranchiez and get on a scrunchie spree right now before they're all gone!

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