Thursday, August 26, 2010

Casual, but not so!

i love casual one-piece dresses cus it's just so easy, you know what i mean? just slip it on, and you're ready to go with assured comfort! but what i love even more, is transforming a casual dress into a statement style!

grab a striking electric dress that surely turns head with its color. smoked waist for optimum fit, and even a dainty little pocket at the front, perfect for a little brooch accessory. lookie here at the froggie piece! gold and embedded with blingblings, and the color is just so rich! classily stylish to have it pinned on your dress! next, clutch a blue bag with gold stripes. this one here is handmade with quality leather! you can sure that no one will be carrying the same bag with u on the special occasion! lastly, heels - the versace platform ankle-boots gonna kill some blocks yo!

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