Monday, August 23, 2010

Snapped! Bags, bags and more bags!

mini chanel inspired slings in varieties of candy color hues! omg so cute! check it out at Strawberry Bunga @ RM60 each!

get some crash! boom! bang! actions with a superhero clutch! if superhero's not your 'thang, what about some pop-art marilyn monroe? grab these limited edition creative funky prints clutch from Sweet Heart Throb Shop for RM85

more of chanel inspired bags, in floral prints! really lovely, doncha' think? best part is, the strings are adjustable to suit your preference as a shoulder bag, or long sling bag! get them from Die Heart Fashion for RM48.

i like boxy bags, and these squarish ones here are just simply stylish with a hint of girlishness with that sweet ribbon in the middle! hmmm... quite much like Naraya bags tho, with its little squares and bow in the middle, only more sophisticated in terms of classiness. check it out at Four Leaf Closet @ RM60.

canvas totes! can't live without them these days 'cus we really should support all the no-plastic-bag campaigns and go green! and putting all my shoppings into a stylish canvas tote is definitely more fashionable than lunging all the plastic bags along. grab these babies at the steal price of RM15 at Miasara Closet!

ethnicity is probly my weakspot. and seriously, i love ethnic fashion! and im loving this mini vintage bucket bag that has brass elephants all around them. beautiful! going for a steal price of RM15 from Thrifty Bunnie!


  1. hi. I've clicked the link given for this vintage bucket bag that has elephant brass on it but i didn't found that bag in that blog. help me please I would love to buy.

  2. Hey hey Dazzlyn,

    Have contacted the shop owner of Thrifty Bunnie. The post for the vintage bucket bag has been taken out cus the bag is already sold. She's sorry for the unavailability of the bag.

    Do check out her blog for more vintage goodies tho, they're really pretty! ^^