Friday, August 20, 2010

comfy and chic in floral prints!

TGIF! Nothing beats being able to just chillax (my version of saying chilling + relax) on a friday afternoon!

and lookie here! the oversized white soft mesh satin top is like picnic in france, belle demoiselle! love the excess drapes, looks super duper comfy and not to mention stylish!

pair your plain white top with some striking leggings! and there's just something bout this flowery one here. i mean, i've seen like, tons of floral leggings, but somehow i just totally fell in love with this one! i think it's the perfect color combination and material!

sling over a chic bucket bag with flap and buckle details! cute with a touch of vintage goodness! and the shoes - nothing beats a pair of comfy stylish flats. these from lalylulu comes with really pretty colors!

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