Friday, August 20, 2010

Snapped! Little findings with a dash of creativity!

tetris block necklaces! is that creative or what!? the Brollies brings you Tetrominoes! you've just gotta slip these on cus they're like, one-of-a-kind funky!

here's something for the cute-loving girlies. these mini bows clips are so cute! from pastel polkas to little florals, you've gotta show some love to the peeps from littlef1sh for these cute clips!

new creations from peudechose! loving the antique-like teapot charm with two hanging dainty gemstone! vintage's not your style? check out the summer honeycomb with a bee necklace in blue and yellow, and the sunflower is just pretty! makes me happy just looking at it!

now how many blogshops out there actually cracks their brain thinking of new fashion finds? Peep's definitely one of the few with their knit rings from Pop! they all look like little pretty peonies to me! so cute!

here's soak republic doing it again, bringing us these super beautiful vintage necklace! quirky with a twist of subtle dark humor, ranging from vintage pin-up girls to alice in wonderland, the oval frame itself serves as a statement by its own!

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