Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is in the air....

love is in the air! so it's heart shapes, it's pink, it's frills and laces and all that jazz. but if you think it's TOO girly, i beg to differ! just add some funk to it!

spotted this totally lovely top with mini heart prints and a love pocket-like patch on the chest in pink! sweet! if you wanna avoid a pink-overdose, matching pinks with black always does the trick! a tier black mini skirt - sexy, girly, yet classily funky! and a funky girly look calls for one thing - a compulsory juicy couture bag! see the total color coordination of pink and black? also, there is no way you can walk out without an elevated-pink-killer-stiletto heels!

still too girly for your liking? then let's ditch the pink...

... and try dipping those loves in red instead! pull over a plain white singlet underneath with this red long cardigan with love prints! match it with a bow denim pants, maintaining the "girly" look with a dash of rugged denim style! add-on some street-style funk by folding up the end of the pants! and then check out this totally cool statement necklace! it reads "heart-breaker" with one side's love split in the middle. i like! now for the perfect shoe for the look? no other than the signature converse's chuck taylor's high top sneakers! grab a red pair and sound the siren yo!

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