Monday, August 2, 2010

Snapped! How much cuter can these get!?

super cute mini pins! perfect little mini pin-me-ups to perk up your outfits whether it's on a plain tee or bags!

now for the works of the fingers, you surely will not go un-noticed with these around them. seriously, i really don't know how much cuter can these accessories get! i'm not 3 yr old, but i think i will jump more excitingly compare to them just to own one of these cuties!

... and o.m.g. naraya bags! since i discovered Naraya in the land of smiles, i made a pact that i will return every year as my yearly Naraya pilgrimage! but due to busy schedules, i couldn't this year *sob sob*, but hey lookie here! Naraya cosmetic bags with lovely prints! Comes with water proof inner-lining & mirror on back flap!

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