Friday, August 6, 2010

My treasure chest addition - a multipurpose lace flower band!

lookie here girls! miss doodle is stashing this into her treasure chest!

em... but i don't really know what to call this though! a handmade multipurpose accessory from trotteuse online! made out of lace - it can be a headband, necklace or even a belt! wear it however you want it to be! you've gotta give the peeps behind trotteuse online for such innovative creativity!

and here is how miss doodle is wearing it!

for such an exclusive creative piece, it deserves all the attention it can get! immaculate white is the best way to go to flaunt your little flower accessory that will definitely stand out in beautiful contrast! go for the striking pink one and wear it as a waist belt over a deep-v eyelet top. with the plunging neckline of the top, it will surely not fail you to draw the attention to the belt right below the neckline. match it with an all white tights or leggings. now, the flower looks kinda lonely in pink being with all those white, doesn't it!? slip on a pink heels! sophistication!

got a date? spice up a plain tube dress with the flower-band! you can wear it as a necklace over your bare neck, but i'd prefer to make it as a part of my dress - tying it around the tube bust line! (ofcors, you'll need certain safety hold like mini pins on the inside), and i'm loving the instant transformation of the tube with the flowers! lastly, wear a pair of turquoise-green heels to match the flower-band! pretty!

how about strapping it over as a headband? get it on for a fun day with playful denim and flower prints! flaunt 'em girlish curves with a crochet-cut denim top with mini frills on sleeves and waist, matching it with a hugging floral skirt. for a dash of luxury, grab a channel denim tote for an instant lift to classiness. studded denim clogs for shoes - just the perfect pick for a casual fashionista taste!

i love it, love it, love it! the flower band is just the ultimate versatile piece of accessory to perk up any outfit and style! gotta grab it now before they're all snapped up!

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